Google Glass available to American public today for $1500

Google Glass prescription frames

KitKat update arriving later this week

Google has announced that it will be selling the Google Glass to any US resident, who wishes to buy one, today. This is a one-day only offer and Glass will be priced at the usual $1500 plus tax.

If you have $1500 to spare and plan to get a Google Glass, you will be able to order starting 9AM ET. The consumers will also get a sunglass shade or prescription glass frames with their purchase.

This one-day sale is the expansion of Google’s Glass Explorer Program, which has going on since 2012. According to Google, limited Glass units will be on sale, so if you want one be quick about it. Here is the direct link to Glass website.

In addition to allowing anyone in US to get a Glass unit, Google is also going to push a new software update to Google Glass later this week. The update will bring KitKat to this wearable device.

“You’ve been asking us when the next round of updates were coming. Well, they’re coming later this week! We know it’s been a little while, but this is a big one and we think it’s well worth the wait,” Google noted in a Google+ post.

The update will include improved battery life, photo bundles, photo replies in Hangouts, voice command sorting, and more. The update will also remove the video call functionality for the time-being.

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