Galaxy Note II to get KitKat update soon, S3 in April-end

Samsung Galaxy Note IIAs per a post on Korean forum Ruliweb, Samsung customer care has revealed that Galaxy Note 2 will start getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update in mid-April and Galaxy S III will get it in April-end or early-May.

Given that mid-April is already here, we expect to see the Note 2 update roll-out soon. It is important to note that this news is valid for South Korean versions of Note 2 and Galaxy S3 smartphones but normally the software updates don’t take much time to reach other markets. So, if the KitKat update starts rolling out for Korean Note 2 in the next few days, it would hit other countries in a week or two.

To remind you, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 currently run on Android 4.3 (dependent on the market) and thus the KitKat updates aren’t going to bring major changes. The update will still include KitKat goodies like Immersive mode, performance enhancements, cloud-print support and more.

Source: Ruliweb

Samsung Galaxy S5 sees strong launch day sales: Report

ZDNet Korea is reporting that Samsung Galaxy S5, which went on sale on April 11, saw strong launch day sales in various markets. The phone’s sales were reportedly 1.3-times of the Galaxy S4 sales on launch day with some European countries even seeing 2-times demand for this Samsung flagship.

There are no specific numbers available right now but a Samsung representative told ZDNet Korea that Galaxy S5 demand was more than supply at various places and consumer orders were already reaching millions. Given the fact that phone went on sale in 125 countries simultaneously, the strong launch day sales don’t seem surprising but it will be interesting to see whether the phone is able to keep the momentum in the coming weeks.

Source: ZDNet Korea

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