Amazon to announce its first smartphone in June: WSJ

Amazon LogoWall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon will unveil its much-rumoured smartphone in June of this year.  The phone will start shipping in September, the paper added.

Amazon smartphone rumours have been circulating for a while now, while nothing can be said certainly about the phone, most of the rumours and leaks have talked about one specific smartphone. This smartphone is said to be packing a display capable of showing 3D images. The phone employs four front-facing cameras to track the consumer’s eye-movement and make the images look 3D. The phone can also adjust the visible images as consumer moves closer or farther from the phone’s display.

Other details are still sketchy. Also, it is unclear why Amazon wants to release such a smartphone given the fate of all the 3D smartphones released until now. None of the 3D smartphone launched by firms like HTC or LG have been successful, however they were using different technology to show 3D images.

The launch of a smartphone will make Amazon even bigger hardware player as it already sells multiple self-designed and self-branded devices like Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV streaming player, and Kindle e-readers.

Wall Street Journal also notes that Amazon is initially placing an order of 600,000 smartphone units with its manufacturing partners, which could be increased given the market reaction to the product. The retailer giant has also started showing prototype devices to select app-developers, so that they can start working on the supported apps as after-all apps are going to play a very vital role in the success of this phone. Likely to be powered by Android-based Fire OS, the phone will utilise the company’s Android Appstore for app needs.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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