Nokia X getting minor software update

Nokia X updateNokia is rolling-out a minor software update for its recently-launched Android phone Nokia X. The update is just 16MB in size and is being released over-the-air (OTA). It is currently available in India and Thailand.

Nokia X users will automatically get a notification to update their phone to the latest version – 11.1.1, however it can also be manually triggered by going to Settings > About Phone > System updates and tapping Check Now.

There is no official change-log available but the users are suggesting that the update improves the performance of the smartphone and brings ability to change the colour of third-party app-tiles. The update also reportedly breaks root-access, which can be restored using this guide.

If you have already updated your Nokia X, do let us know about the experience in comments. In cause of problems, here is the link to official support guide from Nokia about the installation procedure.

Image Credit: Kunal

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