LG offers fresh look at G Watch in new promo images

LG G WatchLG has released new promo images of the recently announced G Watch, which is the company’s first smartwatch based on Android Wear platform. These images give us a closer look at this watch as the original promo render shared by the company, didn’t show much of the watch.

As has already been announced by LG, this smartwatch is being developed in partnership with Google and will most probably be the first Android Wear device to reach market. LG has not revealed an exact release date but it did say that G Watch will be released in second quarter of 2014.

The specifications of the smartwatch are still a mystery but WSJ is reporting that G Watch will most likely pack a 1.65-inch 240x240p LCD. It is the same screen-size that was stated by @evleaks earlier this month.

WSJ also notes that G Watch’s battery will last a couple of days, which, although not great, is still better than charging your smartwatch everyday. The smartwatch will also support wide range of smartphones with latest versions of Android on-board (most likely Android 4.3+ as was revealed by Motorola in Moto 360 announcement, which too runs on Android Wear), adds WSJ.

Check out more images of LG G Watch below.

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