Google Play Store updated, brings mass install support and more

Google Play Store clientGoogle has started rolling out an update for the Google Play Store device client earlier today. The update brings quite a few changes and improvements including mass install support and option to always ask password for purchases.

Batch install support is probably the biggest change present in the new Google Play Store version. This will allow you to to select multiple apps by going to My Apps << All section and install them in one go. You will obviously have to individually accept app permissions but it still removes quite a bit of work. Next big change present in the updated Play Store client is the option “Always Ask password for purchases”, this is particularly important in the wake of a recent lawsuit, in which a mother sued Google when her kid made in-app purchases worth $65 in one game. This setting will help in avoiding any such incidents in future or at-least make Google immune to future lawsuits with similar in-app purchase accidents.

Other changes in Google Play Store client v4.6.16

  • Settings and Help links moved to slide-out navigation
  • Option to force update Google Play Store client
  • Google now shows if an app has in-app purchases in App Permissions
  • UI improvements and other small tweaks

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