Google Play celebrates 2nd birthday with special offers

Google Play Special offersGoogle has finally made its second-birthday celebration sale live in markets like India and US. It was originally started in Australia a few days ago. To remind you, Android Market was re-branded to Google Play on March 7 in 2012.

Depending on the availability of various content offering the availability of special offers is also different in most markets. Like in India, Google Play is only providing offers on Android Games but in the USA, there are deals on some movies, albums, and e-books too. Check out this link in US and this link in India to get to the Google play Birthday celebration deals.

Most of the game deals available as a part of special offers are related to in-app purchases, so these might not look so enticing as they have been in the past.

List of special offers for Indian users

HayDay: Receive 180 Diamonds for only $2.99 (regularly $6.99)

Larva Link: 30% Candy Sale, 20 Free Candies for New Users

Revolt 2: Additional 100% bonus for purchasing crystals

FIFA 14: Limited-time exclusive Ultimate Team tournament

Dungeon Keeper: 40% increase in gold, stone, and gem resource generation and 25% increase in combat points

Radiohammer: Over 70 music & awesome game for only 0.99$, also Radiohammer is 66.7% off

Garden Mania: New fresh theme, exciting levels and 50% discount for all in-app products

Akasha: Get popular items up to 50% OFF

Dungeon Hunter: Double XP & Stat Potions on sale

Venture Towns: 85pc off on the list price

Star Girl : BeautyQueen: Exclusive spring clothes, get 100% bonus on any IAP package

Punch Hero: Purchase Bonus Event, 50% Off for 5 Capsules

Final Fantasy V: 50pc off on the list price

Dead Ahead: Get 50% off all in-app items

Heros of Camelot: 500 free gems for new players

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