Nokia X listed at Mobile Store website, expected to be available on March 15

Nokia XThe cellphone retailer Mobile Store has listed the recently announced Nokia X smartphone on its website. It is stating INR 8,500 as the price-tag of the smartphone but we can’t be certain as Nokia has still not officially revealed the India launch details of the phone. In addition, The Mobile Store has noted that Nokia X will be available beginning March 15.

Originally introduced at the Mobile World Congress last month, Nokia X is the first Android smartphone from the company and comes with features like 4-inch WVGA display, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and a forked version of Android 4.1.2.

Other features of the phone include 4GB of internal storage, microSD support, dual-SIM support, 5MP rear camera and 1500mAh battery.

We were expecting a slightly lower price-tag, considering Nokia had announced that it plans to sell the phone at 89 euros (INR 7,530). We are hoping to see an official announcement from Nokia in the next few days, which should make the pricing and availability detail clearer. Till then, we will suggest you to avoid ordering the phone. Also, in our view Nokia X isn’t value for money product for INR 8.5K. Want a similarly priced budget Android phone, consider Sony’s Xperia E1 or E dual, which have been announced for India today itself and will be available in the coming days.Nokia X at Mobile store


  1. How can u say its not value for money …. dude u get 5 mp cam and dual sim for 8.5k …
    And xperia e is for rs.10450 …. and more importantly the UI of nokia x is fresh in the market.and 1ghz vs 1.2ghz … not a big diff…both processor r slow.


  2. The LG L series III phones (L90, 70, 65, 40, 35) are to be released shortly, so those may be a viable option as well.

    Actually, the best thing would be to wait for the Asus Zenfones to be released and check their prices. The Zenphone 5 with a 5″ HD screen and 1Gb RAM and a 5MP camera with a 2Ghz Intel Atom (Clover Trail+) processor will be MUCH faster than any of these other options from Nokia, LG, Sony or Samsung. Will cost around 10K.

    For the cash strapped, the Zenfone 4 will probably cost 6-7K and will have the same chipset clocked at 1.2Ghz, a 4″ WVGA screen and 1GB RAM with a 5MP camera. Yes, a decent camera and much faster CPU (Intel x86 annihilates ARM anyday) for only ~7K.


  3. When it comes to online stores, I don’t believe The Mobile Store as they also listed Lumia 1520 once at the time when the phone was only in rumors. And they had a rendered image featuring in the listing.


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