ZTE, Huawei & Alcatel announce new Firefox OS devices at MWC 2014

Firefox OS phonesZTE, Huawei and Alcatel are leading the charge for Firefox OS at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The companies have announced several new Firefox OS devices today including the first Firefox OS tablet from Alcatel.

Coming to the devices, ZTE has introduced the new ZTE Open C and Open II, Huawei has come with Y300 and Alcatel has unveiled ONETOUCH Fire C, Fire E, Fire S smartphones and Fire 7 tablet. According to Mozilla, all of these devices are powered by Qualcomm’ Snapdragon processors.

“Firefox OS is off to an amazing start. We launched our first smartphones in July, and have since expanded into fifteen markets. People in Latin America and Eastern Europe have eagerly upgraded from their feature phones to Firefox OS smartphones and now have rich access to the Web and apps. Sales have far exceeded our targets. But 2013 was just the beginning. In 2014, we are differentiating our user experience and our partners are growing the portfolio of devices,” said Jay Sullivan, chief operating officer of Mozilla.

The specifics are not known about these new devices, which are expected to be released in the coming months.

Mozilla has also revealed that the upcoming versions of Firefox OS will offer new and intuitive navigation, a universal search feature, support for LTE networks and dual SIM cards, easy ways to share content, ability to create custom ringtones, replaceable home screens and Firefox Accounts.

In addition, Spreadtrum has announced the SC6821 chipset, which can be used to make $25 Firefox OS smartphones.


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