HTC to release its first wearable device this year: Report

HTC has revealed that it plans to enter the hyped wearables market this year, which it hopes – along with the successor to HTC One – will turn-around its fortunes.

HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang told Bloomberg in an interview that the company is planning to introduce a wearable device by Christmas shopping season this year. According to Wang, HTC is ready to solve some key issues, which are present in the current generation of smartwatches and wearables like battery backup, LCD light etc. She did not elaborate on how they are going to do that.

Wang has also revealed that the company is planning to boost its marketing efforts this year and it won’t just be the budget increase, HTC will also look to better spend its marketing budget.

There are no details about HTC’s wearable device as of now, which isn’t surprising because it is coming in latter part of 2014. HTC One successor however will be to watch out for and is expected to arrive next month.

The smartphone will play a more vital role than any wearable in future of HTC. According to reports, HTC is planning to keep the design same as last year’s model however will be making big improvements on the camera front. The company will also be incorporating more powerful processor and newer version of Android.

To remind you, HTC has become a key player in the smartphone arena in 2010 and 2011 but has been on a downward spiral since. Last year’s critically acclaimed HTC One smartphone hasn’t been of much help.

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