Google updates Search, Drive, Play Newsstand and more on Android

Google started rolling out updates for several of its Android applications in Google Play earlier today. The newly updated Android apps are Search, Drive, Play Newsstand, Hangouts, Google Maps, and Cloud Print.

While Google has revealed the detailed change-logs for some of these app updates, the updates for Cloud Print and Play Newsstand don’t seems to be big. Play Newsstand does include a new widget and mini cards.

Talking about Google Search update first, the update brings a new name for Google Experience Launcher, which is now called Google Now Launcher. In addition, the updated Search app includes performance improvements, bug fixes, hotword support for British and Canadian English, AirBNB reservation details in Google Now, and more.

Coming to Google Drive update, Google has included a new 1×1 widget, which allows faster document scanning to Drive, support for animated GIFs and bug fixes.  Hangouts update brings fix for MMS sending/ receiving problems and a fix for issued with sending SMS longer than 168 characters.

Lastly, after the app update, Maps now shows a faster update to the navigation users, whenever there is one available. Google will also tell you the amount of time you will be able to save by using the faster route.

All these updates are being released in stages, so it makes take days to arrive on your Android devices. As none of these is a huge update, wait for the official roll-out.

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