Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t include QHD display: NYT

Galaxy Gear 2 expected along with S5 in Barcelona

In a revelation that could disappoint a lot of consumers, who were expecting to see an ultra-high-resolution display in Galaxy S5 smartphone, The New York Times is reporting that Samsung will stick with 1080p display.

According to NYT, neither eye-scanner nor QHD display will be a part of the next Samsung flagship, a source with Samsung’s plans told them. The publication adds that Samsung will however be including a better camera and new-generation processor in the phone.

The company is hoping that the updated version of Knox security software will make the smartphone enticing to the untapped enterprise segment of consumers.

NYT also notes that the February 24 unveiling of Galaxy S5 will be a rather low-key event this time unlike the Galaxy S4 event at Radio City Music Hall in New York last year. The company will keep itsstrictly business as it presents a successor to the comparably less successful Galaxy S4.

Samsung is also reportedly said to be bringing Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch at this event, which will be announced alongside Galaxy S5. Details about the smartwatch are absent at this point.

In related news, Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin is reporting that Samsung will also launch an S Band bracelet. The bracelet will most likely collect the fitness related data and sync it with the company’s S Health app on Galaxy S5 or other Android smartphones.  Sony had launched a similar SmartBand at CES 2014 last month.

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