HTC M8 camera details revealed; twin cameras on back, 5MP on front

It seems HTC is planning to make imaging capabilities the USP of its next flagship smartphone. If the recent leaks are any indication, we are going to see quite a few changes from the last year’s model.

An leaked image originating from Twitter user @htcfamily_ru has confirmed the previous reports, which stated that HTC is including two sensors on the back of M8 (codename for HTC One successor).  As you can see below, there are two cameras on the back of the phone.

Bloomberg and Forbes had reported last month that the one of the two sensors on the back of HTC M8 will work in low-light conditions, while the other is meant for good lighting. We can’t be sure about the exact nature of these sensors until the official announcement.  These reports had also noted that the rear cameras will include improved Ultrapixel technology, better focus and depth of field to provide better image quality.

Back to the leaked image, it also gives further credence to the reports that HTC is planning to keep HTC One design in its successor and there will be very little tweaks.  One other detail that has been revealed by this image that HTC is including dual-LED flash on M8.

In related news, HTC Insider and Developer @LlabTooFeR has stated that M8 will come with a 5MP front camera and not 2.1MP as has been noted in the recent rumours. It will be the first smartphone from HTC to come with such a high-res front shooter, however it is not a news for Chinese OEMs, which have long started using 5MP and even 8MP shooters for front.


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