Samsung to dial back on bloat in future Android devices: Report

Samsung Magazine UXRe/code is reporting that Samsung and Google have recently held a set of meetings, in which the future of Android customisations by Samsung, was discussed. Looks like the heavy modifications done by Samsung in its Android devices and the resulting fragmentation has not gone unnoticed and Google has decided to step in.

According to Re/code’s sources, Samsung has agreed to bring its Android customisations in line with Google’s Android vision. It will continue to make differentiating changes but dial back on the heavy customisations.  The future Android devices from Samsung will highlight Google’s suite of Android applications for most of content rather than pushing its own offerings.

If these sources are indeed accurate, we can expect to see considerably less bloat in the upcoming Samsung Android devices. Samsung is also likely to stop bundling the unnecessary duplicate apps built by it for core tasks like email, calendar and more.

Re/code writes:

Although the exact details of those meetings could not yet be learned, sources familiar with the discussions say not only will Samsung consider dumping or altering the Magazine UX interface in future devices, but, more importantly, new Samsung devices will spotlight Google’s suite of apps to get movies, music and other content at the expense of its in-house-developed software, which was once a proud showcase of Samsung’s evolution as a mobile industry leader.

Given Samsung’s clout in the Android arena, Google must have given some sort of concessions to the Korean manufacturer for falling in-line, which could be early access to Android or tie-up for future Nexus devices or a bigger pie of advertising revenue.


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  1. This news comes just after Google sells Motorola! Seems like , all this are part of the deal between Samsung and Google which was signed recently! Google stays out of hardware and Samsung stays out of software!


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