HTC’s next flagship rumoured to feature 4.9-inch display

HTC LogoAccording to a report in Forbes, HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, which might carry the ‘HTC Two’ or ‘HTC One Two’ branding, will come with a 4.9-inch display and Qualcomm processor. No specifics are known at this point but we can expect the display to be at-least full HD if not QHD (2560x1440p) like LG or Samsung flagship models.

Among other details, the Forbes report quotes TrendForce analyst Wilson Miao, HTC One Two will come with two camera lenses, one for low-light conditions and another for high or better lighting.

There is still no word on the announcement time-table of this smartphone but analysts expect the phone to arrive around March 2014.

HTC designers charged for leaking trade secrets

In related news, HTC’s former top designer Chien Chih-lin along with five others was charged for leaked trade secrets in Taiwan. He was arrested back in August this year along with other employees.

Taiwanese prosecutors have charged Chien with leaking designs of the upcoming Sense user-interface and breach of trust for allegedly taking kickbacks and falsifying expenses totalling around NT$33.56 million. Both the offenses carry a maximum jail-sentence of ten years.


    • qHD with a small ‘q’ is quarter FHD, as in quarter of 1920×1080. But QHD with a capital ‘Q’ is Quad HD as in 4 times HD – 1280×720.


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