11 Micromax Android phones rumoured to get Android 4.4 update

Looks like Micromax is planning to update quite a few Android smartphones to KitKat in the coming months. An alleged list of these devices was leaked over the weekend by known Twitter user MMXNewscaster.

As per the list, Micromax will be updating the following Canvas-series smartphones to Android 4.4:

  • Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo
  • Micromax A240 Canvas Doodle 2
  • Micromax A210 Canvas 4
  • Micromax A200 (Upcoming)
  • Micromax A117 Canvas Magnus
  • Micromax A116 Canvas HD
  • Micromax A116i Canvas HD
  • Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2
  • Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle
  • Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
  • Micromax A110 Canvas 2

We were not able to independently verify the authenticity of this list, so take it with a pinch of salt, however it will surely be a pleasant surprise if Micromax indeed updates all these phones to Android 4.4.

There is no word on the tablet updates as of now and we will let you know if anything new pops up.


  1. Micromax phones and that too Canvas2 getting KitKat??? It can never happen even in dreams.. BUT if it really happens, then mid-end phones from SAMMY is in big trouble… But its NOT going to happen, since its a too big an update, imho…


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