Android 4.4.1 coming to Nexus 5 in next few days, camera fixes in tow

Nexus 5 cameraLooks like we are going to see the Android 4.4.1 update for Nexus 5 real soon. According to a report in The Verge, this update will be rolled-out over the next few days and includes fixes for Nexus 5’s disappointing camera.

Dave Burke, Director of Engineering for Android has told Verge that the camera fixes present in this update can be divided in to five different parts:

  • Fixing the autofocus
  • Speeding up the camera app
  • More contrast and vibrant colours in the photographs
  • Better exposure, and the white balance
  • Interface changes

Google’s Android team has reported fixed all these issues in the last five weeks since Nexus 5 release. As you can expect this update doesn’t make the Nexus 5 camera perfect but it is still a huge change over what we have been seeing in the factory shipped version.

“With Android 4.4.1 on board, however, the Nexus 5’s camera stops being a dealbreaker — it’s not the best smartphone camera, but it’s a camera you can use confidently and expectantly knowing that it will almost always deliver. It may not take the perfect shot yet, but rarely offers anything but a completely usable one,” David Pierce of The Verge wrote after a preview of Android 4.4.1 update for Nexus 5.

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