MediaTek to release 6-8 tablet CPUs in 2014, plans to ship 20 million processors

MediaTek LogoDigitimes is reporting that MediaTek is planning to launch 6 to 8 tablet processors next year in various price-segments, unlike the four launched this year. The company will be releasing octa-core, quad-core and dual-core models, which will target high-end, mid-range and entry-level tablets respectively.

“The 8-core CPUs are being developed for high-end large-size tablets that will compete with notebook models, while the quad- and dual-core tablet CPUs are likely to be incorporated into wireless chips in order to compete with large-size smartphones,” Digitimes noted in its report citing industry sources.

The company aims to ship over 20 million tablet processors next year including MT8283 & MT8389 models launched in second half of this year.

With Android tablet shipments expected to cross 200 million units in 2014, MediaTek is seeing a big opportunity. Also, with entry-level and mid-range tablets accounting for most of these shipments, MediaTek has a clear chance of achieving its target.

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