Moto G trademark filing spotted, could be rumoured Motorola DVX

Moto GA new trademark filing spotted on United States Patent and Trademark Office website has fuelled up rumours of a possible upcoming Motorola smartphone. Meant for ‘Moto G’ trademark, this filing does not reveal anything apart from the fact that Motorola Mobility could use it as a name of a smartphone or even an accessory. However, rumours coming from China indicate that Moto G could be the upcoming Motorola DVX smartphone.

DVX is the internal code-name for a Moto X variant, which is supposed to be released in emerging and prepaid markets. Weibo user Houdabao, who has been consistent with Motorola DVX leaks, claims that Moto G could very well turn out to be the final name of Motorola DVX.

As per previous rumours, Motorola DVX is expected to come with 4.5-inch display, dual-core processor based Motorola X8 chip system, dual-SIM support and Jelly Bean. Other details about DVX are a mystery right now but considering that it is going to be budget Android smartphone, we expect to see probably a 5MP or 8MP rear camera, front camera, 1GB of RAM and 4 or 8GB of internal storage with microSD card slot.

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