US intelligence agency NSA can spy on your smartphone too: Report

NSA SpyingUnless you were living in a cave for the last few months, you would have heard about the whole NSA surveillance scandal and how this US intelligence agency (and probably others too) has been doing mass surveillance without any checks. There have been reports on how they had direct access to some of the most popular web-services including emails and more.

Now, a report from SPIEGEL suggests that NSA has the capability to tap user data from Android, iOS and even BlackBerry smartphones. The current SPIEGEL report is light on details but the publication notes that it will bring another report tomorrow i.e. Monday with more details.

The internal NSA documents with SPIEGEL show that that it is possible for the US intelligence agency to tap most sensitive data held on the smart phones, including contacts, SMS, notes and even location information.

You can read the SPIEGEL report here and we will update this post once the publication shares more details on Monday.

Update (Sep 9): SPIEGEL has posted the updated version of its smartphone surveillance story but there is hardly any detail on how NSA spies on Android smartphones. There is some information on how surveillance is being done on Blackberry and iOS platforms, if you want read about it, you can find the full article here.


  1. I don’t have a problem with NSA spying on my smartphone.. Because, as an ordinary citizen I don’t hold any sensitive/illegal info. My privacy is invaded, but I couldn’t care less because it is for a good cause (stopping terrorism). I think the info could be misused in case of a US citizen, as some corrupt official might use the info on his/her rival to gain some leverage. It also can be misused by using the info from officials/govt people of other nation, as they hold some sensitive data about their nation. But as an ordinary citizen I don’t have anything to fear. It’s just my view..


  2. Yeah I got a better one for you, they use the same technologies to spy on everyone who has a tablet. So most people have either one or the other, or maybe both. So even if you do not have a smart phone your still a target of nosy snoopes.

    I have an Android tablet & the internet stopped working on when it kept trying to load up some dubious website, but I call them and they helped me fix it. They tech. told me they just put out a new update by google, yeah I guess someone did not like me looking at that site because I feel like I got jammed over here.

    So take this deep thought, they can use the cameras on your tablets as well to spy, and most tablets have both front and rear camera – its not like a smartphone where the camera is only on one side. Now think about all the places you maybe have your tablet sitting, yeah I will be making sure I do not visit any strange websites and keep my tablet in a non erect position when I am walking by in the nude, just in case.


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