Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” rumoured to launch today

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung and Google are reportedly going to announce a stock Android running Galaxy S4 variant today at Google I/O keynote. This new version is likely to be called Galaxy S4 Google Edition or Galaxy S4 GE and it might even get the “With Google” logo on the back.

Tech news site Geek is reporting that the Galaxy S4 GE will keep everything like it is and the only difference between the retail Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 GF will be the presence of stock Jelly Bean OS version.

“According our sources on hand at Google I/O, this Google Edition phone is collaboration between Samsung and Google to address a growing group of users that prefer stock Android on something other than a Nexus,” Geek wrote.

The report further notes that Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be released in June and will support T-Mobile radio bands in the US. There is no word on how the companies might be selling the phone or whether it will be released via Google Play.

It is important to note here that Samsung has included quite few extra sensors like Temperature/ Humidity sensor in the Galaxy S4, which might be of no use on a phone with stock Android unless there is an app to support them. So, it is likely that we might see Samsung releasing some of the pre-installed Galaxy S4 apps in Google Play for the users of the Google Edition.

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