Samsung most researched mobile brand in India: Report

As most of you would expect, Samsung is the most research handset brand in the country, says data firm PrecisionMatch. According to the mobile insights report released by the firm (for the period of December 2012- Feb 2013), Samsung is followed by Micromax at the second sport above the likes of Sony, HTC and LG.

The Samsung’s popularity is visible in the smartphone arena too, as Samsung Galaxy S III tops the list of most researched smartphones in India. In this list too, Micromax is following Samsung Galaxy S3 with A110 Canvas 2.

Other findings of the report include the consumer preference for INR 20,000+ budget phones followed by INR 5-10K price-segment.

Other details:

  • Sony is consistently present on the fourth spot
  • 7 Samsung phones in top ten list
  • After Micromax, Karbonn is most research home-grown manufacturer
  • Canvas 2 just 0.32pc behind Galaxy S 3 in top ten

Check out the full report in the form of a info-graphic below: report_precisionmatch


  1. Does it require marketing 🙂 ask any retailer he will make the picture clear, samsung is the hot selling brand currently


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