Android 4.2 rumoured to feature improved Google Now, new Camera UI & profiles

There has been a lot of talk about LG Nexus 4 smartphone, but somehow Android 4.2 leaks are missing this year. Not much is known about this upcoming version of Jelly Bean. Now, a Verge forums member, who claims to have an inside source, is reporting that Android 4.2 will come with improved Google Now and notification shade, enhanced UI for 10-inch tablets, Swype like keyboard and more.

There is no way to authenticate these rumours, but given the fact the tipster had three Nexus device launch information before The Next Web’s Sunday report, we are inclined to take this as a rumour worthy of posting.

It might turn out to be a fake, given the recent elaborate hoaxes, but most it of it makes sense.

Android 4.2

– Huge improvements to Google Now, cards will be different, a card comparing how much you’ve walked across months and a card that pops up whenever you go to a new city, showing all the POI’s and distance to them
– Changes to the Camera interface
– Notifications get further improvements, now you can read entire messages in the notification center
– UI improvements for bigger tablets
– The keyboard will come with something similar to SWYPE
– Profiles feature is coming for the tablets, not sure about the Phone

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