Gingerbread tops Android distribution, ICS and above now on quarter of devices

Google has updated the Android distribution data and there aren’t any big changes happening. Gingerbread is still leading the table by being present on 55.8pc of total Android devices (the one that access Google Play), however the number has come down 1.7pc since the last time Google updated the data.

With more and more manufacturers pushing Ice Cream Sandwich updates, Ice Cream Sandwich’s share is increasing day by day and it is now on 23.7pc devices, up from 20.9pc.

The latest Android version Jelly Bean is still on just a small fragment of Android devices – 1.8pc, we hope to see that number increasing with the release of Nexus 7/Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in more countries and Galaxy S III getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean.

Rest all other Android versions are seeing decrease in their shares:

  • Cupcake: 0.1pc
  • Donut: 0.4pc
  • Éclair: 3.4pc
  • Froyo: 12.9pc
  • Honeycomb: 1.9pc

You can check out more data at the source.


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