CM9 stable builds available now

CyanogenMOD team has started rolling out the stable builds of CM9 for the supported devices. CM9 is based on Android’s 4.0 release and brings several other improvement over the typical ICS.

Tonight’s release is for the majority of ICS supported devices.

Team also states that this is the final major build for CM9 and now the team will only focus on CM10 and CM7. However, there will be releases to fix any critical bugs as and when they pop up.

As the CM9 stable churn out is happening right now, it might take some time for all the devices to get their specific build. You can always head over to to download CM9 for your device.

From CM team blog post:

ICS, we hardly knew ye.

Builds for CyanogenMod 9 stable will be rolling out to our servers tonight. As noted before, this will be the end of the line for the ICS branch of our code; only critical bug fixes will be merged moving forward.

Tonight’s release is for the majority of our ICS supported devices, the stragglers will catch up, and we will leave the door open for merging in additional devices from maintainers, external and internal. The team itself, will focus solely on Jelly Bean and maintenance of the CM 7 codebase.

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