First look at $35 tablet ‘Aakash’ from Indian government

Indian government is back again with its mythical $35 Android tablet and you are going to see a whole new tablet today, not the one which was shown last year.

It seems the allegations of last tablet being Chinese and several other factors including problems with manufacturing have led Indian Government to go for a totally new tablet, thus so much delay. The new version $35 tablet is being manufactured by a Canadian company Datawind in a Hyderabad plant.

This tablet will be called Aakash Low Cost Access Device (LCAD) and will be available to students for just INR1200 1750 (Update) after subsidies. According to the rumored specifications, it features Android 2.2, 256 MB RAM, a 2GB SD memory card, and 32 GB expandable memory slot and two USB ports.

As the press conference is scheduled for later today, we will be bringing you more details after that. Till then check out these images of Akash tablet.

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Image Credit @rajivmakhni


  1. This looks really good. Looking forward to using this. Finally Kapil Sibal does something right. And the best part is being developed & made in India. So in your face china… suck on this. Proud moment for India & Indians. Good Luck to Datawind & hopefully this is a success.


  2. Before you get your hopes high, keep in mind that this is a subsidized rate and only for students. I don’t think its going to be available for everyone who wants to have it!


  3. This is first ever landmark for India in a prerrty long time.. Good to see something other than muti billion scam news… Dhak Dhak Go…

    @Gaurav _ Are you attending the Launch event ? If yes, please post live blog if possible..


  4. i hope it is not rumor….if it is true then seriously……..the day will not be far when bajiwal use tablet for his daily transaction.:)


  5. Well, I am a student, and I’d definitely like to check this out!
    I mean, come on 3000Rs. is seriously not much of a deal. I just don’t know how to buy this thing..! Is it available in stores or do we have to send in applications or What..? How do we get it?


  6. I m leave in mumbai and i want to buy these tablet in these week so…
    kaha se buy karu?
    mumbai me ye tablet aaya hai kya??
    i m so exited


  7. I have ordered the commercial version of this tablet. Lest see whether it justify my expectation or not. The site has told me to deliver it within 7 days but google is saying that it would get launched in end of the january 2012. How i will get this tab in 7 days. Hopping that commitment will be kept by the site to deliver in 7 days.


  8. sir i am alredy book asksh tablet in december but there is no reply to me anybady tell me what happan? or send me any reply to me my mobile no is 9158899371


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