Manually update Motorola Milestone to official FroYo

Motorola released the official FroYo update for Milestone users last night. Not many have been lucky so far in getting the update, as it is being released country by country.

So, if you cannot wait, you can flash the update file right now using the following instructions now.

Method One:

Flashing official FroYo update:

Download the official update file using any of the links below:

Download RSDLite from the links below and install it

  1. Connect your Milestone using USB cable, RSDLite will detect it, and if not then disconnect the phone and close RSDLite. Switch off your phone and power it on in Bootloader mode by pressing * # and power button at the same time. After coming in Bootloader mode, connect the PC once again, and open RSDLite and it will detect your phone.
  2. Select the downloaded Froyo update file [.sbf, unzip it if it is .sbf.gz] and click start.
  3. Once completed the program should restart the phone and if successful it should say Finished and a PASS in the line field.

Method Two:

  1. Restoring the Nandroid Backup for the official FroYo update with root using your custom recovery.
  2. IF you have a custom recovery installed in your phone, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.
  3. So, just download the Nandroid Backup from here and restore it.

If you have problem in understanding the step above, the best place ask question will be XDA. I know I am not good at writing instructions, so if anyone has better instructions, please post them in comments to help others.

Helpful Links

# A guide to use RSDLite


  1. is that going to work in India?
    bcz if the sbf file is wrong, it will not detect some networks in india.
    flashing non supported sbf might result in bricking the phone too.
    please proceed with caution. at least im not doing it.
    if someone do, post back.


    • @ruchir,

      It is working in India, but if you are skeptical you can always wait for the update via official channels, won’t take long.


  2. @Gaurav: hmm… if its working, i might as well do it. its still uncertain when its gonna be here.
    and i can always make it stock as i have the original sbf.
    proceeding with my fingers crossed….!


  3. If it’s the south east asian sbf then i am in. Also how do i root it? One click root? Please help as my life cannot go on without root.


  4. i did it with the first method.
    overall the device is working fine, but im facing some issues with touchscreen, when u drag menu, icon or status bar, it flickers a little. like it shakes a few pixels. any solutions for that?
    plus i was disappointed to see the UI of 2.1. the homesceen and everything has the same exact UI of 2.1. camera interface, gallery and all other apps including apps drawer is the same as 2.1! although it says 2.2.1.
    advantage is Google Voice recognition. little thing.
    this is temporary for me as im gonna get the official 2.2 for india as it gets out.
    wl flash stock sbf and wl proceed.


  5. I did the nandroid. Network is working. Getting steady HSDPA connection for bsnl. Did benchmark using Quadrant, scores disappointing 450 even with overclock at 900mhz. Think motorola didi a poor job of updating the stock kernel, as I used to get arond 1000 score in Cm7. There seems to be some force closures on some apps.


  6. I upgraded my milestone using Nandroid Back up. It upgraded successfully and working far so far.

    Only problem i had is that phone restarted 2-3 times when i was trying to install few applications.

    Other wise improved quality of WIFI internet impressed me.

    Browser is working very fast on 3G Airtel.

    Flash videos and pinch zoom is very responsive.

    Drastic increase in browser speed is very impressive.

    I installed HTC 3D gallery to, it’s also working fine.

    Youtube and Gmail has new interface.

    Android market is still running with old interface, i am waiting it get updated automatically as it use to do on Android 2.1

    Lock screen has new shiny unlock and sound control sliders which look pretty cool.

    App2sd working fine.

    Nandroid back up file was already rooted so i have superuser permission on all the application which requires root.

    All in all Upgrade did the job for me.


  7. I cant overclock either. crashes the phone if i use milestone overclock.

    I did a nandroid backup

    JP Sinha, how did you overclock yours?


  8. Hi Julian

    You have to root your phone. I guess you know how to root. Otherwise download Androot.apk from the google market and root your phone. You can overclock using Milestone Overclock app or any other overclocking app available from the Android MArket.


  9. I can’t overclock my ‘stone.
    Used moto updates and universel root (worked 100%)
    but milestone overclocker cuses full reboot setcpu only let’s me set it to 550 then reboots

    Any help plz


  10. Hey JP

    That is weird, I am rooted definitely rooted. have used the nandroid backup but my milestone reboots everytime I try to apply any speed above 550.

    Seems to be a common problem with others as well.


  11. I managed the Official Software Update for Asia Pacific Region (that includes India). No difference from the ones i downloaded (UK Sholes). Video Player is buggy and refuses to play high resolution vids.


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