Motorola Milestone Android 2.2 FroYo update available, finally [Update]

Motorola has finally released the Android 2.2 update for Milestone. Available via PC download, FroYo update brings the usual goodness to your Motorola Milestone. You can check the full changelog below.

The update is available for all Milestone users. You can download the update tool here.


  • Improved Web browsing with support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, currently available for download via Android Market
  • Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of JavaScript heavy pages.
  • New security options including remote wipe and device lock, complex password, and minimum password length.
  • 3G Mobile Hotspot connectivity.
  • New tips, shortcuts, and assistance from a home-screen widget help users better navigate their phones.
  • Easily switch between the eight most recently used applications.
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance and connectivity.
  • Rotate the screen 270 degrees to work with compatible apps in any direction.
  • Preserve apps and settings using Google Backup and Restore.
  • Downloaded apps can now be automatically updated and you can choose to store applications in the device’s memory or on a SD card.


  • Management of password policies for Microsoft Exchange administrators across all devices.
  • Increased ring and notification volume.
  • Edit recurring Corporate Calendar meetings with a large number of invitees.
  • Improved Hotmail® sync for accounts with a large number of emails.
  • Streamlined efficiency in Microsoft Exchange Active Sync®

Update: Manually update Motorola Milestone to official FroYo

link via What Mobile


  1. Why am i not able to download to the update….its says update not available
    I am form India….Anybody updated already….???


  2. That’s because this update is for ENG (donno what this means specifically maybe a different region) if you follow this link. if you look for an update specifically for the region INDIA and read the PDF “what’s in this update” you do NOT get 2.2. This means 2.2 officially not yet available for India


  3. same here.. it seems update is not yet rolled out for india.. i tried online using motorola software update.. dont knw y moto cant specify which countries they have rolled out, instead of mentioning something like “update rolled out in select countries”
    Anyways, now the options are
    – goto moto service center and check if they have it…
    – check again after 3-4 days if update is out for India


  4. Does anyone know what regions are available? Im in SA and its not available here either. Was suppose to be early 1st quarter. Sigh….


  5. Guys, yahoooo!!! I just installed the motorola software update and upgraded my Milestone to Froyo (2.2.1)!! I’m in SA at the moment. cheers guys..have fun!!


  6. @ fox : How’d u get that right? Im in cape town and checked right now and theres absolutely NOTHING.
    Currently running “2.1update1”
    Checked OTA and using the pc suite 😦


  7. @Joseph : I was running 2.1u1 as well. I connected the phone to the PC and ran the Motorola software update and it picked it up. not sure y urs is not up. but one funny thing I noticed was that in the update software it said my mobile was made in UnitedKingdom. P.S: the update is not available as OTA 😦 lemme know if any success


  8. heads up those who don’t want to wait and KNOW how to flash…flash a Thai version 2.1 (works for telus users) or the version for your providers frequences…this version should be a country that has 2.2 released then go to Motorola website and update via usb cable like they want …it will recognize your phone as THAI or the version you flashed and update it Cheers


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