Sony Ericsson Xperia Play India launch in April end for INR 34K – Exclusive

Gaming freaks, we have some good news for you. Sony Ericsson’s first Playstation certified Android smartphone Xperia Play will be coming soon to India.

According to a trusted source, Sony Ericsson India is planning to launch Xperia Play as soon as April-end, after the Xperia Arc and Neo. The source was quick to point out that launch could be shifted to May from April-end.

The expected price is going to be in the vicinity of INR 34,000, which is over than almost all the smartphones available in the market right now.

To remind you about Xperia Play, it features Android 2.3, Snapdragon 1Ghz processor, optimized with enhanced graphical processor unit the Adreno 205, Dedicated gaming controls for real console quality game play, including four-way directional keys, recognizable ABCD keys with PlayStation iconography, left/right shoulder keys and two analog touch inputs for joystick action, 4-inch multi-touch display, and 5.0 megapixel camera.

Update: It has been confirmed from Flipkart, Xperia Play is indeed coming in April. Pre-order is now live on the website.


  1. The price is all wrong, the xperia play will be much cheaper than xperia arc. this phone would be priced in the vicinity of 20k-25k.


  2. thats pricier than a playstation 3!!! i bet it would be priced initially the same as arc.
    lets wait for the official price…


  3. I am glad to see this phone…
    But at this price sony is taking a very very wrong turn…
    It should not think about its profits right now but more on its decreasing brand image as well as sales..
    With one handset optimally priced wont make sony bankrupt but overpricing it will definitely make…


  4. After the havoc sony created about updating X10 series n X8….i dont think they’ll have fans drooling over….was happy 2 get i9000 which may move to gingerbread soon 🙂


  5. i am a x10 user and i am now repenting why i bought x10 when i could have waited and bought xperia play. xperia PLAY will be much cheaper than x10. i asked a friend of mine who works in sony erricson he told it will cost around 22 thousand


  6. Has Sony ericsson gone Mad. Or some fool is doing the marketing in India for it. 34k for this set which has no FM, no good internal memory just 5M camera which is a basic congif in multimedia phones these days….This is a killing… Sony is sure gonna loose big market share to Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and other good phones untill and unless it shows some prudent moves… I was a big fan of Sony for the past 7 years.. I had owned K750i and G900i and was waiting for Xperia Play but now i’ll have to eye for Samsung Galaxy S2…What a waste!!!


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