Netflix Stream Fest not working or is at capacity: How to sign up for free Netflix

Netflix Stream Fest kicked off today for two days but it seems Netflix is doing some crowd control to manage crores of people rushing in to watch free Netflix. So, many of you might be seeing “Netflix StreamFest is at capacity” message. While many people are able to experience Netflix Stream Fest today (December 5) and tomorrow (December 6), others are not that lucky. The streaming service, however, is giving people a choice to register for two days of free Netflix some time in the next week. Basically, if Netflix Stream Fest is not working for you today, you can give Netflix your email ID or mobile number and the site will inform you when you can get these two free days of Netflix.

Netflix Stream Fest not working

As mentioned, it seems millions of people have already signed up to get Netflix for free in the first few hours of December 5 and in order to best serve these people, Netflix has stopped taking in any more people for Stream Fest this weekend. The company also doesn’t want others to feel left out, so it is kind of extending the Stream Fest from just these two days to entire next week. But, you will only get any two days, whether this is December 5 and 6, or any two days next week when Netflix is relatively freer. 

Stream Fest not working error

“Seeing the huge response to StreamFest is amazing but we also want you to have the best experience,” Netflix says on its website. “You can give us your information above and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on 2 days of free Netflix.” 

Netflix StreamFest is at capacity – sign up for next week

Netflix is showing “Netflix StreamFest is at capacity” error at the moment. But, if you want your two days of free Netflix, you can give Netflix your mobile number or email ID on the Stream Fest page and the streaming service will inform when you can get two free days of Netflix Stream Fest next week (December 7 to December 13).

How does Netflix Stream Fest work?

Netflix is basically allowing people to register to Netflix without any payment information and giving them two days of access. People can register to Netflix Stream Fest via the Web or Android app; however, after registering the service will be available on any device it supports, including Smart TVs, consoles, tablets, and more.

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