Samsung Galaxy Note series may be discontinued in 2021: Report

Samsung may discontinue its popular Galaxy Note series next year, according to a Reuters report, citing sources familiar with the matter. Although Samsung hasn’t said anything about the same, the discontinuation of the Note series doesn’t seem all that surprising, given there is less and less difference between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series every year. Galaxy Note was launched at a time when mainstream smartphones were around 3.5 to 4-inch in size, now pretty much every Android phone is over 6-inch, leaving Note lineup with just the S-Pen to differentiate.

“At present, the South Korean tech giant does not have plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021, three sources said, declining to be identified as the plans were not public,” Reuters writes

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Given new smartphone plans are cemented a year to nine months before their actual debut, if what Reuters claims is accurate, we might actually not see Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series successor. 

Samsung is said to be adding S-Pen stylus support to its Galaxy S series and the foldable phones – with the larger foldable, a stylus may actually make sense. The company will reportedly, however, not bundle the stylus with these phones, as most consumers don’t really use them on a day-to-day basis.

According to one of Reuters sources, the development effort used by the Note series will now be channeled to the foldable phone development, something for which Samsung seems bullish. 

To recall, the original Samsung Galaxy Note made its debut in 2011. The latest phones in the series – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra – were introduced in August this year. 

Meanwhile, Samsung recently introduced its affordable Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A02s phones in the Europe. The phones will go on sale early next year.

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