Windows 10 may soon run Android apps, thanks to Microsoft’s “Project Latte”

Microsoft is reportedly developing a solution for Android app developers that would allow them to re-package their apps for Windows 10 with little to no code changes, an online publication has reported. Microsoft’s efforts on the matter are code-named “Latte” and we could see its launch as early as next year. 

According to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft Latte will allow developers to re-package their Android apps as MSIX for quick and easy installation. This in theory could allow apps that don’t have a dedicated Windows version to come to the platform as Latte will significantly reduce the effort to enable running Android apps on Windows. 

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Android apps on Windows 10

No actual details about Latte are available at this point and Windows Central report mostly speculates on how it might work. So, we will have to wait for Microsoft to announce something to get a better idea of the project.

Microsoft already allows streaming Android apps on Windows 10 using its Your Phone app. There are also emulators like BlueStacks that enable running Android apps on Windows and other platforms. 

It is important to note here that Microsoft will need to make a significant breakthrough here to offer anywhere close to a good user experience as mobile apps on traditional computers haven’t already worked great. Apple’s implementation of iOS apps on new M1-powered Macs is a big miss. Even Chromebooks don’t offer a great experience with Android apps despite supporting them for a long time now.

Also, any Android app that needs stuff like GPS or other sensors, or dependencies like Google Play Services will need to be recoded to work well on Windows.

For now, BlueStacks seems like the best option to run Android apps on Windows 10. 

What do you think about Microsoft’s plans to bring Android apps to Windows, let me know in the comments section. 

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