Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Did you buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ phone? Congratulations on your purchase! I am sure you are wondering about which apps to install on the phone to make your life easier. This guide will help you in getting some really useful and popular apps from the Play Store. Since the Play Store offers millions of Android apps, no online guide can really provide you with a list of every great app out there, but the following list will get you started.

Must-have applications for Galaxy S9/ S9+


With user data leaks and hacking concerns pretty common these days, two-factor authentication has become a necessity. Authy is a great app to manage your two-factor authentication codes. Not only Authy provides secure cloud backups of your 2FA tokens, it can sync across multiple devices. Download


You won’t find this one in the Play Store, but this is probably the best app to run YouTube videos in the background. It also bundles several other YouTube-related useful features. Download

Samsung Max

A recent acquisition by Samsung from Opera, the Samsung Max doesn’t come preloaded on the Galaxy S9 or S9+, but it is a quite useful application if you value your privacy and prefer saving mobile or Wifi data. Download


A keyboard app from the makers of the popular browser extension of the same name, Grammarly helps you avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes. Download


If spellings and grammar is not a big problem for you, but you are looking for a good keyboard app to replace the Samsung one present in the S9 phone, you can’t go wrong with Google’s Gboard. Thanks to the refinements over the last one year, it has become one of the best keyboard apps in the Play Store. Download


Looking for a basic audio or video editing tool for your insanely powerful Samsung Galaxy S9, Tibre is a good option. It includes a number of features including media cutter, media converter, media splitter as well as video to GIF. Download


The advent of social media may have impacted the use of RSS Feed readers, but there are still plenty of people who love to use RSS feeds to track their favourite publications. If you are one of those people, Feedly is among the best feed readers. Download


A note-taking application from Zoho, Notebook was among Google Play’s best apps of 2017. It includes everything you might need from a notes application. Download


If you hate having to pick up and check your phone every time a notification pops up when you are trying to work on your PC, PushBullet can help. This amazing application mirrors your phone’s notifications on your PC via a Chrome extension. Additionally, it allows you to respond to text messages and chats directly from the notification on your PC. Download

SMS Organizer

If you live in India, SMS inbox can be a massive pain to deal with because of the never-ending spam and promotional texts. Microsoft’s SMS Organizer uses machine learning to declutter your SMS inbox. It automatically organises your SMS inbox into Personal, Transactional and Promotional category, so that you never miss an important message. It is a must have app, but it may not be available officially outside India. Download


Play Store is filled with photo editors, but none of them is as comprehensive and feature-rich as Google’s Snapseed. Download

iA Writer

Phone screens maybe getting bigger each year, but compared to PCs, they are still very small and it can be tough to write long-form content on them. iA Writer is a minimalist text editor that allows you to focus on your writing. Download


Alt+C is a nifty app that allows you to copy text from your phone and paste it on your PC and vice-versa. You just need Alt+C Android app and its desktop counterpart. Download

Other apps that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+

MX Player for playing video files, Google Translate for quick text, image or audio translation, Cast Box for podcasts, Office Lens to scan your documents.

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