Google Maps gets voice navigation in six more Indian languages

Google Maps NavigationGoogle has announced that it has added voice navigation support in the Maps app for six more Indic languages. The Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam speakers will now be able to get turn-by-turn voice directions in Google Maps in their native language. These six languages join Hindi, which has been supported for years.

“Since the time we launched Navigation in Hindi three years ago, we have consistently received requests to be able to change the voice-guided navigation from English to a local language. Today, we are happy to bring voice navigation in six additional Indian languages,” Google wrote in a blog post.

How to change the voice navigation language?

  • If you want to switch the voice navigation language on your Android phone or tablet, head over to settings in the Maps app menu and select navigation settings. Then, go to voice and select your preferred language. You are done.
  • If you want to change the voice navigation language on an iPhone or iPad, you can’t change it in the Maps app like Android. You will have to switch the phone language by going to Settings > General and then Language & region. This change will also switch the language of your phone’s menus and other apps.

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