Netflix rolls out improved parental controls

Netflix parental controlsNetflix on Monday announced a number of changes to improve the parental controls on its streaming service. The move is being seen as a preëmptive maneuver to get ready ahead of the Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which will include family friendly content.

“At Netflix, we offer a wide variety of series and films catering to an equally broad variety of tastes and sensibilities. With that in mind, we are improving some long-standing Netflix features that provide members with the information and tools they need to make wise decisions about what’s right for themselves and for their families,” the company wrote in a press release.

According to Netflix, the company will now allow users to set up PIN parental controls for individual content. This will help in situations, where the content may have been put in a certain maturity level by Netflix or the certification agencies, but the parents are not comfortable with their kids watching it.

“We understand that every family is different and that parents have differing perspectives on what they feel is appropriate to watch at different ages. While we already provide PIN protection for all content at a particular maturity level for Netflix accounts, PIN protection for a specific series or film provides families with an additional tool to make decisions they are comfortable with,” Netflix explained.Netflix maturity level ratings

Apart from PIN for individual titles, the streaming service will also display the maturity level rating more prominently once the user hits the play button. The service says that it wants the users to be completely aware of what they are going to watch. Maturity level ratings are already displayed at a bunch of places including the title description pages.

To remind you, Disney’s streaming service is expected to début in 2019 and will not include any R-rated content. With already lots of competition in the streaming services market, Netflix doesn’t want to lose subscribers to the Disney service.

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