Facebook Messenger now lets you add friends to ongoing calls

Have you ever become frustrated of restarting a video or audio call on Facebook Messenger just to add more people? There is good news for you.Messenger Group Calls

Facebook has announced that it will now allow the Messenger users to add more people mid-call. The feature is supported on the latest version of Android and iOS Facebook Messenger apps.

“Currently, to turn a one-on-one video or audio chat into a group chat, you have to hang up, start a new conversation from your inbox – either by creating an entirely new message or by searching for an old one – and then turn that conversation into a call. But with this new feature, you can simply turn a one-on-one video chat or voice call into a group call – without having to interrupt the conversation,” Facebook explained in a blog post.

To add more people to your existing video or audio calls, simply tap the screen and select “add person” option and you can invite others to join. To remind you, Messenger group calls currently support upto 50 participants and six users are visible at a time in group video calls.

Facebook has also noted that as soon as you end a group video or audio call, a group chat will automatically be created for further conversation with the same the participants.

Although this is a small change, it will make it very convenient for the users to operate group calls on Messenger.

The new feature comes just days after Facebook had added a few weird couple-specific tweaks to Messenger. If you change your relationship status on Facebook to indicate that you are in romantic relationship, you’ll get a Messenger notification that will open to your conversation with your loved one. This chat box will have raining hearts, support to set a custom emoji, and more.

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