The best Android apps for your phone

Best Android appsDid you buy a new Android phone recently? You are probably wondering which Android apps you should install. While everyone knows about the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and the official apps of various service providers, it can be really hard to find good applications for other tasks and believe me the Play Store is a mess. Even after years of trying, Google has made little headway in making it easier to discover great apps in the store. This is where we come in. We have went through the trouble of finding and compiling some of the best Android apps available in the Play Store, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

All the apps listed below can be found on the Play Store, but in a rare case one of them is not available in your country, you can head over to the websites like APKMirror to get the app and install it manually.

Best apps for Android phones

LastPass and Authy

With news of hacks and leaked passwords becoming a commonplace, it has become imperative that you start using a password manager. But, why? Because not all of us can remember hundreds of different passwords for different websites and apps, so we become lazy and start reusing them across services, which is very problematic. See, if one of the services that you use gets hacked and your password gets stolen, your other services where you are using the same password are also at risk. This risk is very real, given how bad are the companies disclosing the security incidents, it took Yahoo years to fully reveal how big its hack was and how three billion customers were affected. Similarly, Uber recently waited weeks before announcing that it was hacked. It is clear that we can’t trust the companies, so the best way to secure your accounts is to use different passwords on different websites and using a password manager to keep a track of them. LastPass does this best and the free version of the app includes all the necessary features. With Autofill support in Android Oreo, you won’t even have to copy and paste your passwords, the system will auto-fill them from the LastPass vault.

Authy is another app that you must have. In addition to using different passwords, adding two-factor authentication is another great way to secure your accounts. So, even if your password gets stolen, the hackers still won’t be able to get into your account because they won’t have access to the second factor authentication. Now, we know all of this sounds too cumbersome, but as the saying goes – better safe than sorry. Although Google Authenticator is a very popular way to get the two-factor auth codes, but it has some limitations, which is where Authy comes in. With Authy you can have the code-generator on multiple devices and securely backup tokens in the cloud.

CastBox and Pocket Casts

Love to listen to podcasts, then you are going to need an app. While iOS has a great built-in app for podcasts, Android doesn’t come with anything, unless somehow your device manufacturer has pre-loaded something. We have two suggestions for you – CastBox and Pocket Casts. If you are willing to spend some money and want the extra bells and whistles, go for Pocket Casts, but among the free options, CastBox is great. It gets the job done and will be getting more features in the coming months.


When you are working on your desktop or laptop and your phone keeps buzzing, it becomes frustrating after a while to pick up your phone and see what’s new. Pushbullet solves this problem by mirroring your Android phone’s notifications in Chrome. With this app, you can quickly see the notifications and continue working. The app also includes features like quick replies directly from your computer and link sharing across devices. This is a clearly a no-brainer for your phone.

Audio Recorder

Another feature, which is often missing from Android phones, is a default audio recorder. Some manufacturers include their own version, but there is simply no audio recorder in the stock Android. This Sony-built Audio Recorder is a simple and easy app to record whatever you want. You can also use it for basic editing and speech-to-text transcription is also available in some markets.

Grammarly Keyboard

A recent addition to the Play Store, this keyboard app integrates Grammarly’s popular spelling and grammar checking service right in a keyboard, making it available throughout the operating system. Being a brand new app, it isn’t as polished as other standalone keyboard apps like Swiftkey, but over time it plans to add more keyboard-related features. For now, the complete focus of the app is on fixing the language of what are writing in your messenger, emails, or on social media and more.


Another recent entry to the Play Store, Datally is an app from Google to help you save mobile data. It is not internationally available as of now, but if you can get it in your country, it can be a boon for limited data plans. It helps you keep track of the data usage, allows you to block individual apps from using data and suggests nearby free public Wifi hotspots.

Feedly and Pocket

More often than not we find great content to read online, but we don’t have the time at that point to go through it, which is where the apps like Pocket and Feedly come in. Pocket helps you save articles to read later. Doesn’t matter where you are finding these articles – social media, web search, browsing the web – just tap the share icon and save them to Pocket. Pocket syncs across platforms, so you can find your saved articles no matter which device you are using.

Feedly, however, allows you to easily follow your favourite publications using RSS feeds. In this busy world, it is not practical to go to every single website that you like each day to find new content, but with Feedly you can just follow the sources and check out all the content at one place when you want. What is even better, the Feedly view allow you to read the full content right in the app, given the website supports it. The clean and simple look is another positive of the app.

Parallel Space

Looking to use two accounts of your favourite social media services on the same device, but the official app doesn’t support it? It is time to use Parallel Space. The app allows you to run cloned instances of Android apps with different accounts on the same device. It is quite popular among WhatsApp users with two accounts, but you can also use it for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and more.


Trello helps you keep things organized. Whether it is a to-do list, creating vacation plans or planning parties, Trello can help you with that. It is easy to use and syncs across devices. Also, it is completely free.


AirDroid allows you to use and manage your Android device right from your computer. It turns your Android phone in quickly accessible IP address and you can open right in the browser and do what you want. It can also mirror your phone’s notifications, send or receive SMS, take screenshots and more.

Files Go

Part of the Google’s Android Go initiative’s library of lean apps, Files Go helps you free up more space on your Android device by recommending what you can delete. It also allows you to quickly share large files with other Android devices by creating an ad-hoc Wifi network. Additionally, you can use it to manage your data, backup files to the cloud, find files and more. It is really small and super fast, however it might not be available in all countries right now.


It is probably the most versatile free photo editing app in the Play Store. This Google-owned app offers 29 tools and filters to tweaks your images, many of which are pro-levels. This is the app for all your photo editing needs. Bonus: It works with RAW files.

These are just some of great Android apps that you can install on your brand new Android device. We have intentionally left out the niche apps as not everyone needs them. Also, we are looking for more general use apps to further expand the list. If you know any great ones, let us know in the comments.

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