Android Messages may soon let you send texts from the web

Messages for WebGoogle has some interesting features lined-up for its Android Messages application. If the code found in the latest Android Messages app is any indication, the search giant is planning to add support for sending texts from the web, like you do with WhatsApp or Allo.

The Mountain View-based company is developing a web interface that will pair with your phone’s Android Messages app for sending texts. The feature maybe called Messages for Web.

The web version implementation is same as what you have seen in Allo or WhatsApp web version. You open a link on your computer, which shows a QR code. You scan that code in the Android Messages app. Voila, both web interface and Android Messages app are linked. It is unclear which browsers will be supported, but the text strings in the app code seem to suggest compatibility for pretty much all major web browsers.

Once launched, this feature will be very convenient for frequent Android Messages users.

Google-enhanced messaging service (RCS?)

Messages for Web isn’t the only new feature that Google is working on. The company also seems to be gearing up to introduce iMessage-like features in Android Messages. Now, it is unclear whether Google is going for a proprietary implementation or it has found to way to skirt the carriers in RCS (Rich Communication Services) itself.

Google has been a big proponent for RCS, a universal standard by GSM Association, which aims to replace SMS with a richer and advanced system that supports group chats, file transfer, audio messaging, video share, enriched calling, location share and more. Android Messages supports RCS by default, but RCS adoption has been slow among the telecom operators.

It seems Google is getting tired of this lagging progress and is planning to introduce enhanced chat features completely powered by its own system (similar to Apple’s iMessage?) and doesn’t rely on telecom operators. Nothing official is known at this point, but the Android Messages app code includes promo text about these enhanced chat features and that they are powered by Google.Enhanced Chat Features

I am hoping to hear more details at the Mobile World Congress later this month or at the I/O developer conference in May.

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