Carl Pei quashes OnePlus X2 rumours, calls it ‘fake news’

OnePlus X2 fake newsOnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has put an end to the OnePlus X2 rumours. Pei earlier today categorically denied the existence of the phone on Twitter. He even linked to an article from about fake news, adding that fake news is a huge threat to human civilization. Let’s all do our part in stopping it.

The next OnePlus smartphone will be the OnePlus 5T successor, which will arrive sometime in late second quarter of this year.

The first reports about the alleged existence of OnePlus X2 appeared yesterday and were quickly picked up by many tech blogs and websites. The rush to publish any and everything is one of biggest problems with the most of the blogs and news websites covering mobile devices these days. The minute a rumour or leak with potential to generate pageviews appears on the radar of these publications, all editorial judgement goes out the window.

The situation is unlikely to improve given these tactics works for the websites and they continue to get readers.

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