WhatsApp Messenger to add sticker packs

WhatsApp sticker packsWhatsApp Messenger is planning to introduce support for Facebook Messenger like sticker packs. The feature is currently in testing and there is no word on exactly when it will be launched.

WABetainfo, a website that tracks the changes made in various WhatsApp beta updates, revealed that it has seen mentions of sticker packs in the last few beta updates of the WhatsApp Messenger. The latest beta even added a sticker packs store, which will allow the users to download new sticker packs from the company servers.

Not many details are available at this point, but the sticker packs will most likely be offered free in the app with WhatsApp earning money from promotional sticker packs. One of test sticker packs seen by WABetainfo is based on Marvel’s The Defenders TV series, which is available on Netflix, and WhatsApp could offer similar promo packs when a TV show or movie is going to be released. Not only this will not be intrusive, it will offer WhatsApp with a viable revenue stream.

WhatsApp hits 1.5 billion monthly active users

In related news, WhatsApp has become Facebook’s second biggest social property. According to Facebook, it now boasts record 1.5 billion monthly active users, who exchange almost 60 billion messages every day.  

The WhatsApp Messenger overtook Facebook Messenger, which had 1.3 billion monthly active users in September of last year. Facebook has not revealed fresh numbers for Messenger or Instagram.

Facebook has also continued to grow and is currently used by 2.13 billion monthly active users.

To remind you, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. It might not have become a cash cow for the social giant until now, but it has certainly helped Facebook to collect enormous amount of data on these billion and a half users.

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