YouTube Go expands to over 130 countries & gets new features

YouTube Go

Google’s data-friendly YouTube Go app is being expanded globally. The app will now be accessible to users from over 130 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and more. 

YouTube Go was originally introduced in India as a limited preview in 2016 with the aim to bring the video streaming website to the next-generation of users. It has been built from ground up to offer a great experience even in areas with poor connectivity. Offline support, smaller footprint and better sharing support are some of its key features.

The YouTube Go limited preview was followed by the beta release in 2017. Google has since launched the app in 14 more countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Nigeria, but today’s expansion takes it to most developing markets across the globe.

“We’re excited to expand YouTube Go to over 130 countries around the globe starting today. YouTube Go gives access to YouTube regardless of connectivity status and more control over data usage, while being locally and socially relevant,” wrote Jay Akkad, Product Manager, YouTube, in a blog post.

In addition to the expanded availability, Google is also rolling out a new version of YouTube Go in the Play Store today. This version includes three key changes.

  • Support to download, stream, and share videos in High Quality
  • Pull to refresh in recommended videos view as well as notifications for new video uploads from the followed channels
  • Support to share multiple videos at once

You can grab the YouTube Go application from the Google Play Store.

For the first-time YouTube Go users, here is a quick look at other key highlights of the app:

  • A home screen with trending and popular videos in your area
  • Ability to preview videos before playing them
  • Share videos with others with or without data
  • Download videos for later viewing
  • Choose how many MBs you use on videos
  • Made to work with less storage and slow speeds

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