Upcoming Moto Mod to support interchangeable lenses

Moto Mods family
Some of the currently available Moto Mods

It seems like Motorola’s Moto Mod portfolio is getting some really cool additions this year. A Reddit user, who has seen the development of upcoming Moto Mods first-hand, spilled some juicy details about the upcoming Moto Mods.

According to this Redditor, Motorola is developing a new camera mod, a speaker mod, a projector mod and even a drone mod for the Moto Z-series of phones.

Upcoming Moto Camera Mod

Redditor claims that the upcoming camera mod will support interchangeable lenses from manufacturers like Sony, Canon and Nikon. This will be huge deal, given that this mod will massively increase the scope of photography from the Moto Z phones. No specifics are known as this point, but this camera mod will most likely be quite bulky and expensive.

To remind you, Motorola already offers a camera mod from Hasselblad, which adds 10x optical zoom support and a xenon flash.  

Upgraded Moto Projector Mod

Motorola’s existing projector mod is reportedly getting an upgrade. The new mod will be 35% brighter than the existing mod as well as pack an even bigger battery. The existing Moto Insta Share Projector Mod offers 50 lumens of brightness and includes an 1100 mAh battery.

Moto LCS Mod

The LCS stands for low-cost speaker. As the name suggests, this will be an affordable speaker mod for the Moto Z-series. There is already a $80 JBL speaker mod in the company’s portfolio, but this upcoming mod will most likely be cheaper than that.

Drone Mod

Lastly, this very weird Moto Mod basically attaches a drone to the back of the phone. This drone can fly, take photos and fly back on its own. It is clear if a controller is going to be in tow or everything is autonomous. This mod was said to be coming soon, but the manufacturer backed out at the last moment, so its fate is unclear at this moment.

No other details about any of these upcoming Moto Mods are available right now, but hopefully we will hear from the company soon.

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