Files Go gets tablet support & better SD card integration

Files GoGoogle’s Android file manager ‘Files Go’ is getting updated in the Play Store to version 1.0.18. The update brings three new useful features, which the company claims, will make managing files even faster on your Android devices.

The first major new feature is the tablet support. Although the Files Go app was originally meant only for the low-RAM Android Go edition devices, Google has already opened the access to the app to to all Android phones. And now, the updated version will work with Android tablets as well. This expanded support is clearly a result of the amazing adoption that Files Go has received until now. According to Google, since its launch in December, Files Go has been installed more than 10 million times.

Another big change in the latest Files Go update is better SD card support. Google says that it has expanded the SD card support to make it easy to filter files stored on SD cards.

Lastly, the Files Go will now allow users to decide which app they want to use to open specific file-types. The new ‘Open With’ flow works same as Windows Explorer on your Windows PC and will let you choose if you want to use a specific app for certain file-types.

Apart from these three major features, Files Go is also getting a small tweak, which makes hidden files hidden by default. So if you had chosen to hide a file or folder in some other file manager, then it will now not show up in Files Go by default. Earlier, you had to select the option to hide the hidden files, else they are visible in the app.

If you don’t already use Files Go, you can grab it from the Play Store.

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