Google app finds your famous art doppelgänger

Google Arts & Culture
Image Credit: Kumail Nanjiani & Felicia Day

Update (Jan 19): The feature is now available in India.

Earlier (Jan 15): After a recent update, Google’s Arts & Culture app has gone viral. The update added a new feature, which allows the app users to take a selfie and find their lookalike in famous artworks.

Although the Google Arts & Culture app was originally released in 2016, it hadn’t seen many takers apart from the art enthusiasts. But after this weekend’s update, many social media users including a few celebrities shared their art doppelgängers online, leading to a massive surge in app downloads. The app jumped to number 1 in the education category on Google Play in US, UK, Ireland, and Canada. It is finding similar traction on iOS as well.

According to Google, the Arts & Capture app uses computer-vision to examine what is similar in your selfie and the thousands of museum artworks. The new feature is currently experimental.

Sadly, the new feature is not available globally, so if you don’t see it after installing the app, chances are that you will have to wait to find your art doppelgänger.

For those of you, who are able to use the feature, it is mostly a hit or miss and sometimes the results are just hilarious. Here are a few results from the social media:

You can download the app from here.

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