Find out everything Google Assistant can do in this directory

What Google Assistant Can Do for YouIt has been over an year and a half since Google Assistant made its debut as a part of Allo messaging app and Google has just gotten around to providing a comprehensive resource on what it can do for its consumers. More often than not, the companies like Google announce a new service, but apart from the news reports about the service launch, there is hardly any great resources detailing what it can or can’t do. So, the consumers are either forced to figure out things themselves or scour the web for blog posts or reddit posts offering some information about the new service.

Thankfully, there is not the case with Google Assistant anymore. On the official Google Assistant website, there is now a full section on ‘what it can do.’ This page not only highlights the Google-specific capabilities of Google Assistant, but also lists how the Assistant can interact with third-party services to answer your questions and do tasks. The page also talks about Google Assistant integration in various smart home devices offered by manufacturers like LG, Nest, Philips and Wemo. It also includes a search function as well as category-wise distribution of various Google Assistant skills.

The launch of this massive resources comes at a time when Google is expanding Assistant to Smart displays and Android Auto. The search giant has also announced that it is working with several manufacturers to brings more headphones, smart speakers, TVs and more with Google Assistant integration.

What are your thoughts on this directory of Google Assistant skills, do let us know in comments.

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