Five best Bitcoin Android wallets in the Play Store

Best Bitcoin Android WalletsIf you have finally decided to invest in the crytocurrencies and were looking for a good Bitcoin wallet on Android, you have to come to the right place. At the outset I must warn you that if you are trying to find a wallet to hold large number of Bitcoins (BTC), a mobile wallet (Android or iOS) is not a great idea. For significant Bitcoin holdings, I will recommend a hardware or software wallet. You can find more about great Bitcoin hardware and software wallets on Coinage FYI. However, for smaller amounts, Android Bitcoin wallets are fine. There are some great wallets in the Play Store, which come with easy to use interface and a number of security mechanisms.

Top five Bitcoin Android Wallets in Google Play Store

Bitcoin Wallet

It is the first mobile wallet for Bitcoin, released back in March 2011. Developed by the Bitcoin Core team, it is not only one of the most secure mobile wallets out there, but also the most popular. Since it is open-source, the underlying code is available for everyone to inspect.

Bitcoin Wallet includes all the needed functionality and it connects with the official Bitcoin network with SPV to verify and confirm the transactions. So, you don’t rely on any third-party nodes to verify your Bitcoin transactions.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium is another very popular Bitcoin Wallet in the Play Store. It is feature-rich and probably has the most functionality among all mobile wallets. It can also work with your paper or hardware wallets. It is open-source as well. Mycelium also integrates several services to offer added benefits to its users like integration to allow users to buy Bitcoin using their bank account in the US or Canada.

GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet

GreenBits is the official Android wallet of the popular GreenAddress wallet service. Like Mycelium, GreenBits also supports hardware wallets. It includes pretty much every feature that a normal Bitcoin user will need. GreenBits also allows you to choose your own Bitcoin full node to connect to for added security and privacy. Unlike Mycelium, you are not stuck with their own full nodes. It is also open-source.


Airbitz is also a commonly used Bitcoin wallet by the Android users. Like Mycelium, it offers several third-party service integration as an added bonus. You can buy/ sell Bitcoin, purchase gift cards and more. It offers a simple login method, rather than terrifying noobs with seeds and private keys. Airbitz is also open-source.

Bread Bitcoin Wallet

It is probably the easiest wallet to use from this list. It started out on iOS and is now available on Android. It is targeted to the first time Bitcoin users, who don’t want to get flustered with all the jargon. It is open-source as well.

  • Get Bread from Play Store

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