HQ trivia app is now available on Android


HQ Android appUpdate (Jan 1, 2018): HQ has finally been released in the Play Store. It is still not the final version of the app, so be ready for some hiccups. Hopefully, HQ will get the stable version out soon.

Update (Dec 27): After missing its Christmas deadline for the release of the Android version, HQ has announced that its Android app is currently in limited beta. The company is hoping to expand the beta availability over the week and release the app for all by January 1.

Original report follows:

HQ trivia app is coming to Android

Dec 6: The immensely popular iOS trivia game HQ is getting ready to make its Android debut. In a tweet on Tuesday, the official HQ account teased the arrival of the Android version of the game before Christmas.

“Hey world, we hear you also have Android phones? HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming your way…,” wrote HQ. The exact date of the release is a mystery at this point.

HQ is a live-streamed trivia game show developed by the creators of Vine app. It allows the players to win real money if they are able to answer 12 questions correctly. The prize, which initially started with a modest $500 in the early days of the game, can go up to $8,500 these days. The game takes place two times (3pm and 9pm Eastern) each day during the week and one time (9pm Eastern) on the weekends. It is available to the users from all countries and the prizes are paid using PayPal. If more than one person wins the game, they split the prize money and it happens pretty much everyday, so the actual individual payouts are much smaller.

I have tried the game a few times on iOS and it is quite addictive. Given that I am not really great with trivia, I only managed to reach the fourth question before being eliminated. I am sure the trivia junkies and quiz masters among you will be able to do much better than me.

HQ iOS version
HQ iOS version

The questions in the game come from a range of topics and are quite diverse.

Over the last few weeks, as the game has become more and more popular, the reports of cheating have come to the fore. A researcher has even developed a software, which can accurately guess the answers within seven seconds of the question being asked over 95% of the time, making it easier to game HQ and get free money. I am sure the game developers are working on ways to deter the cheaters.

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