LG ThinQ speaker joins the smart speaker race, will debut at CES

LG ThinQ SpeakerSouth Korean tech giant LG is getting ready to announce its first smart speaker, joining the likes of Samsung, Google, Panasonic, Amazon and Sony. The company on Thursday revealed that it will announce the new LG ThinQ speaker, which uses Google Assistant technology, at the CES trade fair in Las Vegas next month.

“Sound technology has come a long way since LG introduced the first radio to Korean consumers almost 60 years ago. At this year’s CES, I’m confident audiences will be impressed with the amount of technology we’ve introduced into our audio products without compromising on sound quality,” said Seo Young-jae, head of the convergence audio and video business division of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, in a statement.

The company hasn’t shared many details about the smart speaker at this point, but it did say that ThinQ speaker will work with the company’s smart appliances, just like they do with Google‘s Home smart speakers. The ThinQ speaker also supports High Resolution Audio and is compatible with high quality lossless files. Additionally, it uses Meridian Audio technology to provide great quality sound experience.

Design-wise, as you can see in the image on top, it isn’t shabby or very exciting. The company has gone for the utilitarian design.

Apart from the ThinQ smart speaker, LG will also showcasing the new portable PK series speakers at the CES. This wireless speaker lineup uses Apt-X HD Bluetooth standard for streaming 24-bit music and packs Meridian Audio technology to offer great quality sound. The PK series includes three wireless speakers, all of which feature rugged design and convenient grip for easy handling.

The pricing and availability details for both LG ThinQ and LG PK series will be announced at CES. To remind you, CES 2018 runs Jan 9 to Jan 12.

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