Google Assistant comes to Android tablets, Android 5.0 phones

Google AssistantGoogle has announced that it is finally expanding the availability of its digital assistant to Android tablets. Google Assistant has until now been available on smartphones, smartwatches, smart speakers, Android TV and more.

According to the company, Google Assistant will be rolling out to the tablets running Android 7.0 Nougat or 6.0 Marshmallow over the coming week. It will initially only be available in the United States with tablets using English. There is no word on the availability in other markets at this point. Surprisingly, Google has failed to mention anything about the Google Assistant support on Pixel C, which the only Oreo-powered tablet right now. Still, I believe it will get the support with other Nougat or Marshmallow-powered tablets.

In addition to the expansion to the Android tablets, Google has revealed that it is adding the support for Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphones in the Assistant. It is likely that the RAM and display resolution requirements still stand, which means your phone will need to have over 1.4GB of RAM and at least 720p screen resolution.

Google Assistant on Android Lollipop-powered phones will first be available to the users with phone language set to English in the U.S., UK, India, Australia, Canada and Singapore, as well as Spanish in the U.S., Mexico and Spain. It’s also rolling out to users in Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Korea.

To remind you, Google Assistant offers a number of features including the ability to set reminders, play music, make lists, get weather information, control smart home devices, send text or make calls and more.

The Google Assistant will automatically come to eligible Android phones running Lollipop and Android tablets running Marshmallow and Nougat with Google Play Services.

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