Twitter makes it easier to post tweetstorms with Threads

Twitter ThreadsTwitter has finally launched a new feature called “Threads” that will allows the users to post tweetstorms easily. It was a much-requested feature and the company has been testing its implementation for a while.

“A few years ago we noticed people creatively stitching Tweets together to share more information or tell a longer story – like this. We saw this approach (which we call “threading”) as an innovative way to present a train of thought, made up of connected but individual elements,” wrote Sasank Reddy, Product Manager, Twitter in a blog post.

Tweetstorms have been a part of Twitter culture for years now and the users have their own ways to post them. Most often the users will post tweets marked with numbers and published as a reply to the last tweet to make it easier for others to read them, but it is very time consuming. Twitter Threads, on the other hand, make it quite easy to post tweetstorms.

All you have to do is go to the compose window on or the official apps and you will see a new + symbol there. Write your first tweet of the tweetstorm and the + symbol will become active and if you click that, you will get a second compose window and so on. Once you are done writing the full thread, you can just hit ‘Tweet All’ and your whole tweetstorm will be published. Here is a quick GIF showing the Twitter Thread in action:Twitter Threads

According to Twitter, Threads will roll-out to everyone on the official apps and over the coming weeks. If you are a regular user, you are most likely already seeing it live on There is no word on the expansion to Tweetdeck, but it will also probably arrive soon.

The launch of Twitter Threads comes just weeks after the company launched extended character limit for tweets. Off late, Twitter is trying very hard to offer the most user-requested features in order to keep the existing users and bring in new blood. You can expect to see the official launch of Twitter Bookmarks next.

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